My name is Polina Spiridonova and I am the author of the “Do.Posle” project.
about the artist
For as long as I can remember, namely since my birth in 1995, the desire to invent something new has always screamed within me.

Since childhood I wanted to be an actress and, after working for 10 years in the troupe of the New Art Theater, I surprisingly found myself NOT in a theater university,
but in the artistic.
While studying at the Textile Institute named after. Kosygin, I organized the first creative project on drawing nudes (“Art State”. 2016).
It was a truly unconventional space for artists.

After receiving a diploma with honors, I worked as a textile artist, confectionery artist, graphic designer, web designer and could not settle on something that would give real inspiration and energy.
And only the creation of the “Do.Posle” project balanced all my creative desires. This is a concentration of psychology, esotericism, art, fashion - and all this in the concept of cooperation with the customer.
My paintings are a tool of communication, deeper than a word or a gesture. I chose a difficult task - to depict the intangible and incomprehensible in a person, his thoughts, as well as what is between the words.

my paintings
are not imbued
with importance,
they reveal
your own.
project concept
My method shifts the artist's attention to the original author.
The path of the painting is given to you. Your sketches are my foundation.

The result is, of course, a diptych, a union. Merging BEFORE and AFTER.

The effect of the finished painting is reminiscent of parsing a metaphorical map.
This is a touching meeting with your own sketches turned into a real painting.
1. questions
Immersing you in a soft, meditative state, I ask questions to which you answer with lines, dots, and images. Whatever your body dictates, abstracting from reason and logic. Questions from a deck I specially created, ordinary and not so ordinary.

In your hands is a pencil and a sheet of paper.
2. do
the result of my questions is your chaotic abstract drawing consisting of answer lines.
3. upgraid
within 20-30 days, your sketch takes on colors and shapes, becoming complete in the style of graphic abstractionism.

Acrylic, canvas. Size 60x80 cm
4. posle
the most exciting part of the interaction. Award ceremony, interpretation and search for images and meanings.

This process is reminiscent of parsing an individually created metaphorical map.

Goosebumps, tears, laughter, coincidences are integral companions of this beautiful meeting.

The aftertaste lasts for several months, the picture shines with “your” state, energizes, gives rise to associations and new answers.
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